AgileSite Lite Features

Packed with features to make your website rich and compelling.  

Discover a better way to manage your online business

AgileSite Lite is a complete website management system.  Designed to be fast to learn and easy to use.  Simple, secure, and connected!

Create Your own Site?

No.  We create your site and then you can take over. Leave the complex code to us. 

Who Hosts the Site?

WTE Solutions handles the hosting. We handle backups, upgrades, and all the tech stuff for you.

Secure Sites

All sites are secured by SSL Certificates and display the LOCK showing your visitors you care about security. 


AgileSite Lite sites are easy to maintain through an intuitive user interface. The interface allows most anyone to:

  • Save money by performing site content updates independently
  • Publish content quickly and easily
  • Add a single page or add 100 pages - it's up to you
  • Add new pages that appear in the navigation


User friendly features that do not require any programming skills.  

  • Easy Page Editor
  • Content Review Control - Undo any Mistakes
  • Built-in Page Types - No Re-inventing the Wheel!
  • BLOG
  • Contact Page with Forms
  • SEO Friendly URLS

Manage and Grow Your Business Online

Our expert staff builds your website and then we turn it over to you. This means you can make any change you may want and maintain the site - all without having to hire a webmaster. Every step of the way, our staff is available to assist. We also have have graphic designers, content writers, or a marketing specialists available if you need some extra help.

Modular Design Builders

Easily add and control the webparts on pages.  Plug-ins not needed, most popular modules are all built in

Build dynamic forms

Add custom forms to your website and capture data from your customers

Create custom pages

Rapidly build landing pages that follow industry best practices, maintain your brand, and get traffic

Built-in SEO tools

Help attract users with a platform fully designed around SEO

Ready to get started?

Flexible pricing options for all Small Businesses.  Get started now and we will start building your site. Pick a package and we will be in touch and get your setup started.