Go Amenity and MOBLZ have merged.... A combination to enhance your commercial and multifamily properties.


We are happy to announce that we have merged with GoAmenity.com. We have already been working together for a number of months and share the same vision for the Tenant Experience space. Our focus has been on the Mobile Experience (anything happening in the parking lot) and now GoAmenity is bringing their focus on building and common spaces to our offerings.

Everything is Raleigh-Durham, NC-based and we have always worked as allied parties, not competitors. GoAmenity will help us extend our ever growing footprint of its clients to the Washington state market, in addition to already serving North Carolina, Florida, and Texas. "This technology will be a great enhancement to our existing housing property product line," says Eric Garrison, MOBLZ CEO. The GoAmenity platform brings us more functionality to allow for conference room booking, gym scheduling and access, common area booking, elevator scheduling, coupons, and other offers. It has a great self-service portal.