Wed, Jan 27, 2021

Improve Team Communications When You Have Remote Staff

Ways to keep your productivity strong with remote employees. 


Improve Team Communications When You Have Remote Staff

How to have good company communications in a pandemic. 

Since March 2020, the work force has changed a lot. Most companies are dealing with the issues of communication. What started off as a boom for tech companies like Zoom, has caused many users to be “Zoomed Out”. 


Many users are feeling burnout from the "Always Online" nature of today’s work environment. It makes it hard for many users to focus on the current task at hand. The worst part is that every time you're interrupted you need to start over. Depending on the task, a 5-minute interruption may take your 15-30 minutes to get back on task. Get two of those interruptions in the same hour and productivity really suffers.

We use the messaging program SLACK. It allows for Project Channels, External Channels and Private communications. While it's an awesome tool, this is something to think about: Private communication can hurt remote teams as knowledge and information are not shared equally. No matter how trivial a discussion is, others might benefit from it. BUT, if you put all conversations out in Public, then all the subscribers on the channel have to see the communication and if it doesn’t fully involve them, they may tune out.

I love our 4 hour group company meetings over MS Teams.  I am on the edge of my seat the whole time. 

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